fantasyrealityandlove asked : Did you know herobrine is just a joke? Its an inside joke for mojang producers. They "remove" him so it seems like its a code with a mind of its own that keeps reappearing.

Woah now. I don’t know where you’ve heard that, but Herobrine is no joking matter.

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Anonymous asked : has Herobrine been banned from mine craft?

Herobrine can’t be banned.

1.5 Texture Pack conversions

First off, you now find the option for texture packs under the options tab of Minecraft - the texture pack button on the main menu doesn’t exist anymore, so click options and find the texture pack button there instead.

Update 1.5, for those who don’t know, completely revamped how texture packs work. Any texture pack before 1.5 won’t work as it used to, but you do not have to get a new one.

You just need to use the Unstitcher.

Download the unstitcher. You’ll be left with a .jar file. Run the file and it should automatically open the texture pack folder in the minecraft folder. All you need to do is select the texture pack you wish to convert and click convert file.

Next time you run Minecraft, you should find a new texture pack with the same name but with the word “converted” in front of it. Choose this texture pack and your pack should be working again!

If you find you’re still having texture pack glitches, I recommend downloading the latest version of Optifine, which fixes numerous things, like mess ups of custom skies or liquid textures not working.


I’m not quite sure what you mean! Skins on the computer version of Minecraft are easy to find and you don’t need a code. If you’re referring to the skin packs on the xbox version, I’ve never actually played it, but I believe they cost microsoft points and need to be bought to be used.


First, you need to mine some iron ore. Use a stone pick to mine it first - a wood one wont work! Then place the iron ore in a furnace with some fuel and it will smelt the iron into usable ingots!


Typically when this happens to me, I just dig up and place cobblestone under me as I dig so I slowly make my way up. Of course, digging straight up has some dangers, namely gravel, sand, or lava. Place a torch on the block you’re standing on while you dig, so if you encounter gravel or sand, it will automatically break on the torch and you won’t suffocate.

For lava, either have your hotbar filled with something like dirt or cobble to quickly block it, or dig a two block high hole to the side for you to run into if you find lava. This will give you more time to get some blocks to block the lava.

Hey everyone-

I’m extremely sorry for how dead this blog has become. After my long hiatus, school and my personal life took over and I didn’t have any time to make the quick tips graphics, and eventually it slipped my mind entirely.

I really do want to continue this blog eventually, though I’m making no promises :(

However, I recently opened the email I use for this account and saw a couple of questions (most of them old) about things in Minecraft. While I don’t have time to make graphics, I can answer some basic questions if you guys have any, so feel free to send any in.

This week is my free week between semesters, so hopefully I can get some graphics done and maybe get this blog up and running again! I really enjoyed running it when I did. Thanks for all those who stuck around.



Happy new year to all of the wonderful miners out there!

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I’m completely unfamiliar with Painterly, so I’m putting this in rebloggable form so if someone out there knows you can reblog with the info :)
Vacation Hiatus

Kinda sucks that I just came back from a slowatus to go onto a hiatus! But I’m heading on a two week vacation for the holidays and may not be active on my computer a lot. I’ve set up the queue to hopefully tide this blog over until my vacation is finished, however only two of the queue are submissions (I didn’t have many).

So, if you submit a tip after today, you may not see it show up for a week-week and a half, since I’ll be slow to make them. They will show up though, just slow!

See you all in January!